Vitala is the trading city beyond the western mountains, near the present day city of Quetta. Its residents are mostly Traders, charltens, prositutes, and magicians, who are known as mayins.


Bazaars of Vitala

The city's origins go back to wars, when a lot of westerners looking for job and adventure had come to join Danavas and Devas. Geographically, the city was the last point before the long and arduous journey through the mountains started. After the wars, a lot of warriors went back and settled their as traders. Thus it became a city bustling with Bazaar and whorehouses. It wasn't ruled by a single king, rather ruled by an alliance of traders and Keepers of the biggest bazaars and whorehouses. It also attracted mayins, poeple who could perform magic and charlatans with magical herbs of swarga.

Bazaars made it a melting pot of various tribes and cultures. The boundaries were not restricted and anybody could live in that city as long as they could find an employment and means to live.


The people were extremely practical and did not believe in philanthropy as refugees were aplenty. The women of the whorehouses were called Svairini, some of them even more beautiful and acclaimed in the arts of seduction than the apsaras. This had attracted the attention of many Devas and it was an open secret that a lot of them keep visiting vitala for pleasures forbidden to them as they have to keep up the image of a God

Important peopleEdit

Maya was the head svairini of the biggest brothel of Vitala. She was trained in 26 arts of seduction, and was vowed constantly by the most powerful.