Vichitra- young

Young Bhura

Vichitra, is one of twin children of Taraka and Syena. His twin sister, Vishakha, is the other child.

Vishakha and Vichitra were raised in vitala, with their mother and with no knowledge of their real father, syena. As an infant he was called vichitra by everyone, because of his appearance and behavior.

He now only remembers events after he was rescued by Yama and adopted by Nandi.

Bhura is an accomplished pashupati and spends most of his time playing and feeding the pishachas captivated in yamalya.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Vichitra- older

Older Bhura- Bhairav

Bhura, as he is known now is called so because of his eyes, which are light brown, He is dark of color, smooth skin and has disheveled hair that he tries to manage by tying a knot around them. He is a little short by average standards but is broad shouldered. He has an infectious smile and remains carefree most of the times.

There is a certain innocence to him. He is straight forward and does not change his opinions if he is talking to Yama or anyone else. He likes playing with pishachas and gradually becomes the main keeper of pishachas, takes care of their food and mood.

He enjoys dancing and singing with Nandi, who is glad to teach him. He dislikes the work o yamadutas that has to do with sometimes killing pishachas. But he is fiercely protective of poeple around him, as once he was not able to protect his family.

As he grows up and becomes more powerful, he gets more temperamental and amoral about killing and hurting others until he is stopped by kali.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

God of war 2

Bhura does not like using weapons, instead uses his body and speed. He is not warrior like, in fact does not like fight training unlike Nirrti , dushva and other kids.

He has enormous power activated through chakra disturbance, when he is emotionally imbalanced. This had happened only once when they were attacked and he went berserk, and started killing danavas and punnagas alike with bare hands. Only Yama knows the actual extent and reason for this, and so he suspects the parentage of vichitra.

In the final face off with Taksak, he converts partially into a Asura, a humanoid Dragon and finally, a fire emerges out of his third eye.

He has the power of Ahira, the dragon, of which there are only a few and that too are not known. Vritra was a ahira who was killed by indra. Vichitra rarely displays any control of that.

In the battle with Mara, he uses bare hands to fight pishachas. In the later fight with Taksaks army, he uses the noval strategy of using opponents weapon against them. Ugra teaches him this technique.

Relationship with OthersEdit

Bhura had been raised by Nandi. Dushva & Nirrti are childhood friends, even though they were kids of Yama. Nirrti had a crush on Bh