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Ugra - paishachi Level 1 form

Ugra is a mayavi from Vitala. He appears mysteriously one day in Yamanagri and seeks Yama's council. After that he becomes one of the Yamadutas, much to the displeasure of nandi who remains ever to cautious of him.

He is fond of Vichitra as he reminds him of Bala, his friend from vitala.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Ugra is middle aged but built like a trained warrior. He is handsome, fair with blond hair commonplace to people from west.

He is heavily tattoed and so his weapon, a two blade Khadaga, with a sign of Swastika. Some part of the tattoo, particularly at his back and arms glow red when he is near a pishacha. This is revealed the first time he enters into Yama's underground jail of pishachas. 

Ugra is an outspokan and loud fellow, much in contrast with Yama's dry humour. He likes to flirt and does not miss an opportunity to hit on kali. After coming to Yamanagari, he keeps complaining about the dryness of this land compared to women, wine and weapons of his city.

Otherwsie, he is fierce warrior. He absolutely hates to lose, even if it is a friendly battle. His fighting technique is not of a direct attack but involves strategy, even in short range combat. This makes him a powerful warrior. He frequently boasts, that he has not lost to any other Arya, apart from Bala, who was his closest friend.

He is hostile towards pishachas, but in the company of Yama and Vichitra, becomes friendlier to them. Its not clear, why is he serving Yama? Nandi thinks that he is looking to usurp Yama, but he is smarter than that.


In his words, he is an Arya, a class of mayavi who specializes in war-craft. But as is revealed, he is not only a good warrior, he is also an expert at weapons and materials to make better weapons.

He has good leadership skills and puts his weapons and army to good use. He is a thinking warrior, one who analyses the field and the enemy before entering in full fledged combat.

His weapon and the tattoo at his back are a source to mysterious strength. As is revealed later, the tattoo is made by the blood of pishachas. The weapon, a Khadaga was built from Krnsayas, and when soaked with pishachas blood, it tends to grow strong.

That blood is collected in the secret vial of his Khadaga and gives him immense strength and agility, when needed. But as he slowly starts realising that the blood also absorbs the intent of the blood owner. So while he is strengthened by killing and soaking the weapon in enemy's blood, it also tries to take more control of the user.