Tvastr- as a Deva

Tvastr, is the son of one of Angirasas. He was prodigious Angirasa himself, who later discovers the secret technique of Somayagya and creates a new class of rishis, who came to be known as Vasus.

He is married to Virocana, daughter of Bali, who is the Indra before Sakra replaces him. From Virocana, they have 3 kids- Sakra, Trishira and Sanjana.

Tvastr as RathnakarEdit

He was already famous for his skills with Agni and ability to create fine implements using wood and metal. Bali, the then Indra, asked him to create the best Ratha (Chariot) for him. He was so impressed by the ratha finally made by Tvastr, that he gave him a title of Rathnakar and also offered his daughters hand to him.

Rise of VasusEdit

The dominance of Bhrigus, the Soma plant keepers irked him and so one day he drank Somras to understand what is so special about this. The Somras was specially prepared by Aruna, the first Bhrigu. He discovered the power of SOMAYAGYA and with that the ability to change the nature of prana.

Knowing the dangers of such power, Tvastr taught this technique to 7 others, who came to be known as Vasus, one of them bring Brihaspati.

Beginning of the first Deva-Danava WarEdit

Sakra, his eldest son was a weak kid. Once he is made powerful by the use of Somayagya by Tvastr, he joins the Garudas, a Band of people who protected the boundaries of amarawati.

Sakra got Tvastr to make powerful weapons most notably Vajra. With the growing enmity between Sakra, supported by Garudas and Trishira, supported by Danavas, the situation arose for Tvastr to choose one of the two sons.

Initially he helps Sakra in the Devasura wars but after Sakra kills Trishira with the help of Brihaspati, Tavstr feels cheated and goes to Makara for his help to defeat Sakra and other Devas. When Vritra is also defeated by Sakra with the help of Syena, he disappears.

Later he discovers Dhatu, a shining hard element which has the brilliance of the sun. He is able to create wonderful weapons out of Dhatu and in the 10th war, he creates amazing weapons and gives to prince Vritra, who heads the alliance of Danavas and Punnagas.

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