Final Location


The world is the Indus valley civilization which prospered from 3000BC to 1900 BC. The major city states in this civilization were:

1) Amrawati- ruled now by the Devas and Guarded by Garuda Army, located in the Hindu kush range. The main residents of this city are called as gandharvas, but they are a mixed race of gandharvas, Danavas and syenas.

2) The Four City Gates of Amrawati- Amrawati is protected by race of four sons of Syena, the first garuda. Each son, and their army protect each gate. They have sworn their allegiance to Devas and gandharvas, who in turn repay them by creating weapons from the wood of Ashvattha tree, that can be used along with their prana shakti. Without these weapons, they are simple warriors.

3) Alkapuri- in the himalayas, near the present day Gangotri glacier. Kubera and other Yakshas of this city closely trade with Devas in exchange for somras, security and other favors.