Sutala is the city of Danavas, the race known as Narsimha.

Sutala city gate
Sutala- near castle


It is ruled by King Bali, who has been the king throughout all the 10 wars against the Devas. The city has been uprooted a lot of times and seen largscale movement after being defeated by Devas with Garuda Army. After the 10th war a truce was called from Nagas on behalf of alliance of Danavas and Punnagas, which included dissolution of their army, complete disarmament, and prison for the prince Bana, Son of King Bali. 

The city is very poor as the trade activities have been completely banned by the local forces of Vulture King, Sumukha. On top of that, they are smuggling Somras, a type that induces addiction amongst the Danavas to make sure that the young Danavas are engrossed in infighting most times.


Danavas are a proud and strong lot. They are the tallest of the species and fur largely. so they do not need much clothing. The folks are very fond of jewellary and body art, and most of them are covered in some kind of Tattoo and heavy jewellary.

During the 10 wars they were highly militarised and so they are primarily a martial race. They are ferocious and easy to lose tempraments. The city is ruled by King Bali, but he has been rendered powerless by the resident forces of Garuda army headed by Vulture king.


Prince Bana has absconded from the city and now resides in the region between Sutala and the desert. A lot of Danavas have joined him. Many leave everyday in a hope to resurrect their army and militarise themselves to overthrow the army from Sutala.

They have come in contact with the forces of Takshak in the south but their ambitions are different, though leading to the same cause.