Somras is a special mix of juices secreted from soma plants. They have regenerative properties and are mostly used for somyagya.

Before the discovery of the technique of somyagya, they were primarily consumed by danavas and gandharvas alike for recreation and relaxation. Somras has regenerative and insight yielding property. It boosts the prana of the drinker and increases their physical prowess.


Soma plants were native to the region of mt. sumeru, which was later known as amrawati. Gandhravas, the forest dwellers knew how to extract the juice of soma plant and used to for recreation. Some species also had medicinal uses.

While drinking Somras, Tvastr accidentally discovers the Technique of somyagya and the ability to change the elemental nature of Life-force are revealed to him. Somras is in its most potent form when taken from the plants nearest to Kalptaru. It is said that it has the ability to restore life in the dead.

Gandharvas who are experts at cultivating and extracting Somras are known as Bhrigus. They become very important to the council of Devas, and are raised to the status of rishi, the royal priests. They have the ability to transfer their prana, or part of it, to any other desired object, making it more powerful.

Five Kinds of SomrasEdit

Soma plant desc

soma plant Description

The five trees (panca-vrksa) which adorn Indra’s garden (Nandana) are:

1) mandara (Erythrina stricta) with scarlet flowers in horizontal clusters at the ends of branches; its shade relieves one of physical ailments and mental stress;

2) parijata (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) with bark of gold, leaves of copper color, and fragrant, rejuvenate fruit; it arose out of the ocean of milk and was taken away by Indra to his paradise from where it was brought to Dvaraka by Lord Krsna at the instance of his wife Satyabhama. After the passing away of the Lord and the submerging of Dvaraka in the ocean, it was taken back to heaven;

3) samtanaka, a tree of wonder having leaves which promote fertility in men; its identification remains obscure;

4) haricandana or sandalwood (Santalum album) well known for its fragrance and cooling effect, it keeps evil spirits at bay; and

5) kalpa vrksa or kalpa taru, the tree of eternity which emerged as a result of the churning of the ocean of milk; it was lifted to Svarga by Indra.