Shani, is the half brother of Yama. Born to Aruna and his second wife Chaya, he is as dark as the night sky. Becuase of this he was always shunned away from everyone, even from his parents.

He is very close to Yama because he was the only one he could call his friend all his life right from his childhood. His other siblings are Aswin Twins and manu.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Shani's appearance is the cause of his being shunned, even by his parents. He is short, dark and chubby. He likes cover himself as much as possbile to hide his dark skin.

He was always under confident due to this. Though healthy and strong, he considered himself inferior. His father barely talked to him, and his mother was irritable most of the times. His only friend were Yama and Yami, his step siblings.

He is soft spokan and rarely gets angry at anyone. But once angry, only Yama can control him.


Shani has a very special ability,that lets him absorb the rurus from Yama and create any physical object from his imagination using that power. He cant store their power inside him for a long time but only transfer it,
unlike Yama who can also feel them and communicate with them.

But this comes very handy to Yama as he cant control the power of rurus or pishachas, but shani can create fantastic things from that. When Yama leaves amarawati and heads south towards the desert to work with kubera and settle his own colony, Shani accompanies him.

As a young man, he discovered this ability when working as an assistant to Tvastr, in their early days . He along with Yama were responsible for sacrificing and dumping the body of the victim post the yagya.

Shani discovers that he can also do the same with Prana, the life force of a living being, but only after the consumption of Somras from Ashvattha.