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It is the story of the rise of Yama and his army, Yamadutas. Very little is known about the early life of Young Bhura who grows up to be the most powerful Yamaduta, raised by Nandi who adopts him.

In the southern region of Naraka known as arbuda, Taksak is rapidly growing his army with help of Tvastr and plans to avenge his defeat from Syena, in an earlier battle.

The story is told from the pov of the rise of the Twins, Vichita(Bhura) and Vishakha(meena). Their stories do not intersect immediately, but their lives will eventually cross.

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The world is an intersection of characters from early vedic mythology and the location of early harappa cities. It is the period post 10 wars between Devas and Danavas, and finally a truce has been called brokered by the naga king, Vasuki.

The cities were connected to each other through trade and war. The major city states are occupied by different races like nagas, punnagas, danavas, gandharvas and all of them have their own motivation.

Naraka to them is a wasteland full of unknown creatures who they call as pishachas. They get interested only when Taksak's army starts occupying a territory larger than many cities combined.

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