Final Location

Naraka, is the semi arid, semi marshy land created once the Saraswati river had gone dry completely.

The land is mix of swamp and wetlands upto the Arbuda region towards the south. The land is occupied by Taksak's subject.

Towards the central region, which sees very scant rainfall, it resembles desert and is said to host a lot of pishachas, who can survive without vegetation and water, but they attack human settlements regularly for their cattle and weaker humans.

Naraka main

The northern edge is occupied by Yama, to be able to trade with Alkapuri and Sutala.

The western region is frequented by the disbanded army and mercenaries of Bana, the danava prince who has been on the run ever since the end of 10th war.


Naraka was a wasteland and was not considered of any significance after the drying up of saraswati. A lot of settlements had moved to other cities or taken refuge under Yama, who either sold them to other cities as slaves or let them live in his city, Yamanagri.

But after the population and sightings of pishachas had increased, some warlords started getting interested in their power.

Some even claim that their is a pishacha kingdom in the centre of this arid region, where no life can exist due to absolute lack of water and vegetation.

Yama and Taksak both are hunting for this region, named as Naraka. Legend has it that a river of blood and pus flow through this region that can bestow beastly