Nandi is the General of Yamadutas. He along with Yama and Shani were the first warriors to create the colony around naraka. He belongs to Daitya clan, a class of Danavas who's purpose is to protect the bloodline of Danavas.

Young nandi option

Nandi- young

Friendship with Yama & shaniEdit

Nandi was one of the fugitives, who were on the run with Bana, Danava prince and his band of people.

They survived in the forests for a long time by attacking on traders and mingling with forest people, after the 10th war. such repeated encounters leaves Nandi, a devout of Bana, disillusioned.

In an encounter with Yama and Shani, who were taking slaves gathered from Naraka to sell them off to kubera, Nandi watches as Yama and Shani are fatally injured by the danava mercenaries. He decides to help them and so runs away with their injured bodies.

Nandi beast form

Nandi - paishachi form

That is the beginning of a lifelong friendship of Nandi, Shani and Yama.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Nandi, also known as Nandi the bull is known for his massive frame and physical strength. It is claimed that he is so powerful, that only the Vanara king Suvarna could match him in a dual.

He was fierce and aggressive as a youth, but as the years passed he develops his own sense of humor, which is self defeating. It is said that Nandi has suffered unlike anyone, and his jokes, however poor, are a way to cope up with it. All this changes once he adopts vichitra and becomes the foster father.

He wears skulls and bones as jewellery. He is also an accomplished performer. He likes teaching the kids to sing, dance and act whenever he gets time.

Nandi is very emotional, and Shani keeps teasing him about that.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

He sports a hammer like weapon made from the stone used to grind somras. Its so heavy that only he can wield it. As he is a daitya, he can take his Daitya form to access more power, a state that can only be kept for a short time.

Nandi is acknowledged as the strongest warrior, even by the Devas. He has only been defeated once by the Vanara king, Suvarana.

With the help of Shani and Yama, he can achieve paishachi form, which he has only used just twice. The second time to defeat the paishachi army of Mahisha.