Around 3000 BC at the advent of Bronze Age, the 10th war had ended between the Devas and Dananvas. Prince Vritra, Son of King Makara, who leads the Danava-Makara alliance to a near victory is killed after Sakra renews the alliance with Gandharvas and Suparnas. Vasuki, the Naga King of Patala mediated peace and a treaty was agreed between all the parties with following clauses-

1)Sakra, the present Indra of Mt. Sumeru will lose all the martial authority and Syena (of Suparna Race) will become the new Commander of the Army, a position called Garuda.

2)Taksaka, the Punnaga Prince will replace Makara as the King of Mahatala. And Taraka, the youngest sister of Taksaka will be married off to the Devas so that this treaty is sealed by a marriage alliance.

3) All the prisoners of war will be returned in exchange for submission of all weapons and permanent settlement of Garuda army at the city of Sutala.