Kubera is the King of Alkapuri. He is Yaksha and heads the council of Yakshaganas. Kinnaras were the other inhabitants, who were of lower class than Yaksha, with most of them being slaves or hired labor.


Kubera made his fortune as a trader with Amravati and 4 garuda citys, in the preceeding 10 wars. He supplied the Garuda army with slaves and materials. Yakshas who had come from north east of himalayas indulged in the same trade and they settled the Alkapuri.

Kubera is an expert diplomate negotiating deals where there is none. Not only is he considered the richest but his city is also resplendent. Devas frequently visit his palace to witness the dance of famed apsaras- Urvasi and Menka.

Kubera has an unparalleled network of spies all over the cities. He is the only one to have trading relations with all the major cities except of the nagas. It is suspected that he is one of the maruts, the personal bodyguards of Indra.

Indra and the heads of four gates are well aware of the ambivalance of Kubera, but he is not considered as  a threat. In fact, kubera trade with sutala or naraka region is also not questioned.

Recently he has been troubled by the growing mutinous voices of kinnaras. He suspects that it is being fueled by one of the Yakshaganas, who is not happy with his growing preference of the traders from south over them.


Kubera was once handsome, but his body is paralysed. That is why, half of his face is limp. He is dark, tall but carries a lot of weight. He looks older than he is. He wears simple cloths but wears expensive and large stones.

He is very well connected, is both respected and liked, is seen as a harmless. He is said to be providing materials to the fugutive danava prince, Prince Bana. He also trades with Yama of naraka. Kubera plays the game of strategy really well. He has never kept an army, so that they have minimal expenditure on war and make more profits.