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Kali is one of the 8 mother goddesses from patala. She joins Yama as one of the Yamadutas after their encounter with each other in the 3rd issue.

She is the only one apart from Vasuki known to have mastered 5 levels of chakra.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kali has an explosive personality befitting of a young queen. Everything about her is shocking. She is extremely dark with very light scales, a sign of naga. Her most prominent feature is her eyes, which are big and sharp. He is heavily ornamented, but is bare from top.

Kali is very quick of temper and does not like anybody staring at her. She despises men and their obsession with power. Only vichitra seems to make her feel compassionate. Kali's motivations are always doubtful, when it is revealed that her marriage war arranged with Taksak.

She has a habit of keeping souvenirs of her victims, that adds to the jewellery on her body. since she has come to naraka, she has developed a taste for their blood. This makes her even more violent than she was.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kali is one of the most powerful warriors to walk on the land.

Kali- she will be with taksaka

She is known to be the only one apart from Vasuki to have mastered upto 5 stages of chakra control. She is also a master of weapons, and she can use 4 weapons at once in her chakra form, which is evident when she fights all the yamadutas at once and only vichitra is able to touch her.

Apart from that, she also shows ability to control others chakra levels, when she calms down Vichitra. This is not completely in her control as it requires complete mastery of 6th stage, which she has not been able to master.

Due to this, she can survive in climates that nagas cant usually. She spends much of the 1st part of the issue in the desert as a Yamaduta due to her chakra control.