Garuda, like Indra is the a position and not a name. Garuda is the Military chief of the Deva-Gandharva-Syena Clan. His only responsibility is to retain the control on Mt Sumeru.

Four Sons of SyenaEdit

The four Sons of Syena, the first Garuda are Subala, Sumukha, Suvarna and Suvarchas. Subala the Quick is the king of Tarkshya Clan, keeper of the southern Gate, the gate directly facing the land of Danavas. Sumukha the Wise, is the king of the Giddha Clan, keeper of the western Gate. Suvarna, the long feathered is the king of Suparna Clan, keeper of the Northern Gate, directly overlooking Himalayas. Suvarchas the mighty is the King of Vanara clan, keeper of the eastern gates, overlooking the Saraswati Glacier and giving protection to the city of Alkapuri.

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