Creation Legend of Amravati Edit

The gates of swarga

It is said that the land of Amravati, that is Mr sumeru was originally occupied by Gandharvas who had travelled from the west. They mostly fed of the trees and lived on it. They moved according to season and worshipped the tree goddess. They believed in the Tree of life, known as kalptaru and said that its spirit exists in everything. Then came the first sons of Varuna from the west,from the womb of Mother Danu. They mingled and bred freely with gandhavas and were came to be known as danavas. They were powerful beings, strong and tall, sharp senses and of ferocious nature. There first

king was Narsimha. Then came the three brothers from the second wife of Varuna, who were also known as the first Tridev or Trinity- Tvastr of the boon of AGNI(fire), Aruna of the Boon of Soma (Life force aborbing seeds, of the Tree of Life) and Syena of the boon of Vayu. When they first comes to these land, the Danavas take them in. Tvastr with his skills with Fire and wood create wonderful equipement and jewellary. Aruna plants the Soma seeds in the Mt Sumeru and the whole land is covered by the intoxicating aroma of Soma plants that populate the


whole region. Soma plants are magical and carry the life force of the spirit of Kalptaru residing in the Mt. Sumeru. Its leaves secrate potent Somras that makes the drinker of it, Strong or relaxed or any other effect based on its type. Thus, the land was the source of power.

Gandharvas abode